SNACKFISH® is a registered Trademark.

SNACKFISH® are prime dried, skinless and boneless whitefish fillet shreds (Cod or Haddock) containing over 80g natural protein (p 100g), high OMEGA3 and low fat. The fillets are a healthy, tasty, fresh in appearance ready-to-eat delicacy snack, perfect for all the family, anytime and anywhere.

SNACKFISH® contains only fish and salt and has no sugar, no carbohydrate, no food colors, no flavour enhancers and no preservatives. 80g of the water disappears during the drying process leaving light fillets but all nutrients are retained from the fresh fish. The nutritional facts support the marketing of SNACKFISH® in the health foods markets, traditional food markets and the fitness industry.

SNACKFISH® is great to fill the gap when the hunger kicks in as it is filling. It has evolved from a tasty snack delicacy for special occasions to the mainstay of a healthy balanced diet.

SNACKFISH® is the ideal snack product for the health-conscious consumer and spreads a good source of natural protein intake across the day. It's a great snack when working-out as it will boost energy and protein is a fundamental ingredient for muscle growth for an individual wishing to increase muscle size. It is also frequently used by hikers as a favourite trail food snack due to its light weight and non-mess.
This versatile product has many uses and can even be used in casseroles, soups and curries. It is also great with butter, sauce dip or powder spices. The options are endless! Whatever your need, SNACKFISH® is simply delicious!

SNACKFISH® is produced in Iceland. We only use sustainably sourced fish and we favour quality over price. The Icelandic waters are among the purest in the world and the catch consistently meets top standards for purity and is in high demand worldwide as it is regarded as the best. The fish we supply is line caught at sea by reliable, well managed and fully licensed fisheries. The species used are not regarded as threatened or endangered and the fishing methods used are the most environmentally responsible possible. All supplies are fully traceable from catch to customer. We frequently travel to inspect the full process, ensuring that only the highest quality fish will reach our customers.

SNACKFISH® ingredients:
Whitefish fillets from line caught, wild North Atlantic Haddock (Melanogrammus Aeglefinus) or wild Cod (Gadus Morhua).
Caught at sea in FAO area 27.

SNACKFISH® contains only fish and salt and has no sugar, no carbohydrate, no food colors, no flavour enhancers and no preservatives.

100g of SNACKFISH® are the equivalent of 500g of fresh skinless and boneless fillets, as 80% of the water disappears during the drying process.

Due to the initial preparation and packaging, the product has a long shelf life.
SNACKFISH® is supplied ready packed 50g & 100g.

PROTEIN contributes to the maintenance of normal bones & muscle mass. OMEGA-3 contributes to the normal function of the heart.

The beneficial effect of OMEGA-3 is obtained with a daily intake of 0.25g of EPA and DHA.