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SNACKFISH® 100x100g bags

SNACKFISH® 100x100g bags

SNACKFISH® are prime dried, skinless and boneless cod fillet flakes.

Snackfish is a natural product high in protein (80 g/100g), high in OMEGA3 and low in fat. During the drying process only water disappears and all the nutrients from the fresh fish are retained. The Snackfish is healthy, tasty, fresh in appearance ready-to-eat delicacy snack, perfect for all the family, anytime and anywhere. They can also be added to boiled dishes such as soups, stews and curries and are also great with butter, sauces or dips.
Cool-dried wild-caught Iceland cod (Gadus Morhua)
Made with over 500g of fresh fish per 100g of product

Nutrition Values Per 100g bag
Energy 1434kJ/338kcal
Fat 1.9g
-of which Saturates 0.9g
-Mono-unsaturates 0.7g
-Polyunsaturates 0.2g
Of which
OMEGA3 0.3g
Sum EPA & DHA 0.3g
Carbohydrates 0g
-of which Sugars 0g
Protein 80.2g
Salt 1.4g

Produced in Iceland

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